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Unformatted text preview: ble for the subject matter. Direct Reporting Assurance Engagements In a direct reporting assurance engagement, the professional accountant in public practice either directly performs the evaluation or measurement of the subject matter, or obtains a representation from the responsible party that has performed the evaluation or measurement that is not available to the intended users. The subject matter information is provided to the intended users in the assurance report. In a direct reporting assurance engagement independence is required from the responsible party, which is responsible for the subject matter. Multiple Responsible Parties In both assertion-based assurance engagements and direct reporting assurance engagements there may be several responsible parties. For example, a public accountant in public practice may be asked to provide assurance on the monthly circulation statistics of a number of independently owned newspapers. The assignment could be an assertion based assurance engagement where each newspaper measures its circulation and the statistics are presented in an assertion that is available to the intended users. Alternatively, the assignment could be a direct reporting assurance engagement, where there is no assertion and there may or may not be a written representation from the newspapers. In such engagements, when determining whether it is necessary to apply the provisions in Section 290 to each responsible party, the firm may take into account whether an interest or relationship between the firm, or a member of the assurance team, and a 146 By-Laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct and Practice) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants [Issued January 2007] APPENDICES APPENDIX IV particular responsible party would create a threat to independence that is other than clearly insignificant in the context of the subject matter information. This will take into account: • • The materiality of the subject matter information (or the subject matter) for which the particular responsible party is responsible; and The degree of public interest that is associated with the engagement. If the firm determines that the threat to independence created by any such relationships with a particular responsible party would be clearly insignificant it may not be necessary to apply all of the provisions of this section to that responsible party. The following example has been developed to demonstrate the application of Section 290. It is assumed that the client is not also a financial statement audit client of the firm, or a network firm. A firm is engaged to provide assurance on the total proven oil reserves of 10 independent companies. Each company has conducted geographical and engineering surveys to determine their reserves (subject matter). There are established criteria to determine when a reserve may be considered to be proven which the professional accountant in public practice determines to be suitable criteria for the engagement. The proven reserves for...
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