Of member firms by registrar the registrar will

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Unformatted text preview: their manuals. For firms like these, an additional planning visit will be arranged before the on-site review to review the relevant manuals. Compliance review - general controls The reviewer may carry out a compliance review of the general controls of the member firm and evaluate the degree of reliance to be placed upon them. The degree of reliance will, ultimately, affect the sample size of audit engagements to be reviewed. The following five (5) key controls are included in the Questionnaire: - Independence Maintenance of Professional Skill and Standards External Consultation Staff Supervision and Development Office Administration 168 By-Laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct and Practice) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants [Issued January 2007] APPENDICES APPENDIX VII Member firms are expected to address each of the five (5) key control areas. In each key control area of the Questionnaire, there are supplementary questions and matters to consider. These are intended to indicate the kind of controls that are expected to be installed and operated within each firm. All questions are not necessarily relevant to particular types of member firms because of their size and culture etc. However, member firms should still assess their internal control systems to ascertain whether they address the objectives under the five key control areas. Selection of audit engagements to be reviewed The number of audit engagements to be reviewed depends upon: a. the number of partners involved in audit engagements in the firms selected ; and b. the degree of reliance placed, if any, on general quality controls. For the number of audit engagements to be actually reviewed, please refer to the flowchart in Appendix B as provided herein as a general guideline. From the clients list as provided and certified as complete, the reviewer, in consultation with the member firm, will proceed to select an actual sample of audit engagements for review. The engagements reviewed should be a balanced sample from a variety of different sized clients covering various industries so that they reflect the “overall performance” of the said firm under review. Accordingly, if the reviewer considers that the actual sample is not representative of the member firm’s audit client portfolio, he may proceed to choose an additional number of files in excess of those as depicted in the enclosed flowchart in Appendix B. The population from which files are selected for review will be audits completed at least six (6) months preceding the date of the notification letter but not earlier than eighteen (18) months prior to the selection date. Review of files The reviewer may adopt a compliance approach or substantive approach or a combination selection of both in the review of audit engagement files. Compliance approach - audit engagements The compliance approach is to assess whether proper control procedures have been established by the member firm to ensure that audits are performed in accord...
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