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Unformatted text preview: luding the Practice Review Committee and those staff of the Institute not directly involved in practice review, save for those relevant reviewers or members of the Panel of Reviewers (as the case may be) who are directly involved in the review of that member firm and those regulatory bodies as mentioned in paragraph 27(3). Amended 25 January 2007; With effect from 25 January 2007 20. Where the member firm selected has branch offices or associated practices under more than one name, in so far as possible, the practice review will be conducted to cover all these branches or associated practices at the same time. Members in public practice should ensure that the Institute is aware of all modes of practice conducted by them in order that this can be facilitated. 160 By-Laws (On Professional Ethics, Conduct and Practice) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants [Issued January 2007] APPENDICES APPENDIX VII Notifications 21. In the event that a member of the Panel of Reviewers has been assigned to review a member firm, the name of the member of the Panel of Reviewers who has been appointed to do the review as well as the firm which he/she is currently practicing under will be disclosed to that member firm. Upon notification of the identity of the assigned member of the Panel of Reviewers, the member firm selected for review will have to inform the Institute within 7 days if there is any professional reason why the assigned member of the Panel of Reviewers should not be conducting the review of that member firm. 22. If the professional reasons given are acceptable, the Registrar will then nominate another member of the Panel of Reviewers for consideration of the member firm, to carry out the review of that member firm. 23. Enclosed with the notification letter will be a Practice Review Questionnaire (the Questionnaire). The member firm should complete the Questionnaire and return the same through the member firm’s designated practitioner (the sole practitioner, the senior partner or other partner designated as responsible for practice review), along with all information requested, to the Institute within the required period as may be stipulated in the notification letter. 24. The reviewer assigned to the member firm will be responsible for arranging the on-site practice review visit, which will normally be scheduled within six (6) weeks of such notification. The member firm shall notify the Institute immediately if they consider the timing of the visit to be inconvenient and shall specify the reasons thereto. Another date will be arranged by mutual consent such that the review will be held within four (4) months of such notification. Any further extension is at the reviewer’s sole discretion and shall only be granted for valid reasons. 25. The member firm shall be given reasonable notice of the selection of client files for inspection. The selection of client files is made by the reviewer from the most current client listing as provided by the member...
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