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Unformatted text preview: Companion Curriculum for Ecce Romani II Melissa Schons Bishop Companion Curriculum for Ecce Romani II Companion Curriculum for Ecce Romani II Companion Curriculum for Ecce Romani II Companion Curriculum for Ecce Romani II © 2008 © 2008 © 2008 © 2008 by Dr. Melissa Schons Bishop All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. This publication is protected by copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or likewise. For information regarding permissions, contact the publisher. The purchaser may reproduce pages for CLASSROOM USE ONLY. All images reproduced in this volume exist in the public domain or are used with permission of the copyright holder. Cover art courtesy of Trey Ratcliff ( Creative Classical Curriculum 13909 Bluebird Pond Road Windermere, FL 34786 Ecce 28 – Pre-Reading Part I – The Picture What is happening in the picture? What are 2 things that are similar to how women prepare to go out today and 2 things that are different? Part II – Forging Links: Becoming Familiar With New Vocabulary Guess the meaning of these new Latin words, given the English derivative (part of speech of Latin is given). Your guess should be the same part of speech as the Latin original. 1. speculate speculum (N) _________________ 2. negligent neglegenter (ADV) _________________ 3. pork porcus (N) _________________ 4. vendor vendo (V) _________________ Part III - Story Telling Write a summary of what you think happens in the story, using at least 6 new definitions. Underline the definitions. Ecce 28 – Translation Review Answer the following True/False questions about your story . _____1. Aurelia ancillas non terrent. _____2. Ancillae neglegentes erant, igitur Aurelia vexata erat. _____3. Syra speculum non bene tenebat quod manus tremebat. _____4. Aurelia e cubiculo ancillas mittit. _____5. Aurelia ancillas iussit Corneliam vocare. _____6. Aurelia Corneliam vult pectere crines. _____7. Cornelia in atrio stabat et clamavit, “Quid vis, mater?” _____8. Pater Corneliae porcum emit. _____9. Mater Corneliae glires vendere vult. _____10. In sellis mater et puella in urbem ibunt. Ecc I. Pictures – draw w crines glis II. Complete the se _____1. Ancilla negleg a. vendebat _____2. Aurelia _____ a. laeta _____3. Syra, _______ a. cuius _____4. Aurelia ad urb poterat. a. canes _____5. Aurelia cibum ____________ a. in quibus _____6. Servi _______ a. sellas bB¡¢bB¡¢bB I. Find English derivatives for th 1. vendo 2. neglegentia 3. vexatus 4. voco 5. invito II. How does knowing the word ce 28 – Vocabulary Practice hat these words mean: speculum porcus sella pecto entence with the best choice: genter crines Aureliae _________________. ...
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