Week 2-MiseEnScene-Frida

Week 2-MiseEnScene-Frida - confident that she could walk...

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The colors used in the film elicited emotional responses in me in the sense that color was used to show Fridas emotions. The drab colorless hospital rooms conveyed a sense of depression and hopelessness, especially considering she was an artist in such an un-artistic place. When Frida was happy or feeling other positive emotions, she was wearing brighter colors and brighter colors were incorporated into the rest of the scene. The costumes that stood out most to me were the contrasting outfits. Fridas suit she wore for her family picture compared to either the traditional, fancy wedding dress or the other green dress. It was interesting to see a woman so
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Unformatted text preview: confident that she could walk around in either extreme, and I felt that was the point being made. The use of the “living paintings” was very different from anything I’d seen. It set up each scene so you could further understand Fridas ideas and feelings. It’s interesting that Julie Taymor is a female director, which is rare and Frida didn’t act like a woman in the traditional sense. Taymor was better able to understand womanhood and the way a woman would act in certain situations, which made the movie more relatable....
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