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Week 3-Acting-The Impostors

Week 3-Acting-The Impostors - One of the main things I...

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One of the main things I notice about the way an actor portrays their characters action is their body language and more specifically their position relative to other characters. Paying attention to how close an actor is to another and the way they present themselves to the other person is a good way to gain an understanding into how their characters feel about one another. I also tend to notice hand gestures, because it’s something so many people do without realizing they do it, so seeing an actor incorporate their own gestures makes a scene seem more real. Intonation plays a key role in acting. An actor could same the same line 50 times, saying it a different way each time and each time it could have an entirely different meaning. One of the most obvious examples of this is comedy. Often times you hear one person tell a joke and it’s hilarious; then another person tells it and it falls flat because of the delivery.
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