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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Marketing and the IMC...

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Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Marketing and the IMC Process Feb. 18 Ex. Padres baseball team and “Petco Park” Marketing and Promotions Process Model Product, Price, Placement, Promotion – all parts of IMC 1. Opportunity analysis a. SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats b. Analyzing areas of benefit for your product 2. Competitive Analysis – analyze competitors 3. Target Marketing – a. selecting a target market, find out bulk of the people that are interested in your product b. Positioning through marketing strategies – Positioning Statement 4 segments: i. Target market ii. Frame of reference – how client views product in their mind, not a slogan – dramatic, puffery iii. Brand iv. Point of difference – one thing that’s different about your product 4. Planning a program development a. Product decisions b. Pricing decisions c. Channel-of-distribution decisions 5. Promotional Decisions a. IMC – Advertising, Direct Marketing, interactive marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, personal selling 6. Ultimate Consumer a. Consumers b. Businesses * ex: Marketing to a Lifestyle:  Asiscs ad – “I could go to bartending  school” Target Marketing Process Identifying Markets with unfulfilled needs Determining market segmentation
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Chapter 2 Selecting Market to target Positioning through marketing strategies – mission statement vs. positioning statement
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Marketing and the IMC...

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