Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Chapter Chapter 8: Creative Planning, Strategy...

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Chapter Chapter 8: Creative Planning, Strategy and Development Mar. 3 Account management vs. Creatives Conflict Creatives do not have : sales ability, communication ability to sell to clients Behind every great ad = a good client Behind every bad ad = a client that is playing its safe Advertising Creativity Creative Strategy determining what the advertising message will say or communicate Creative Tactics determining how the message strategy will be executed Ex. The silhouettes campaign for the iPod is an Example of creative advertising Ethnography – observation of people using your product Ex. Absolut’s advertising represents Synergy between creative and media Branded the shape of their bottle – very successful The Ideal Power Idea Should… Be Describable in a simple word or phrase Be likely to attract the prospect’s attention Revolve around the clinching benefit Allow you brand the Advertising Let prospects vividly experience the (benefit of the) goods Two Perspectives on Advertising Creativity The ability to generate fresh, unique and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communication problems Creative: what is creativity to you? Suits: its not creative unless it sells it
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Chapter 8 - Chapter Chapter 8: Creative Planning, Strategy...

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