1400- 1500 Northern European 15th Century Art

1400- 1500 Northern European 15th Century Art - Northern...

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Unformatted text preview: Northern European 15 th Century Europe 1400-1500 • Good deal of trade and exchange throughout Europe • Commissions are different. We’ll see works that are commissioned by private persons. Period of great economic growth in Northern Europe. • In countries like France the elements of feudalism, and courtly chivalristic elements present. Key Vocabulary Terms • Manuscript illumination : type of book/illustration which is hand painted, often done in ink or tempera on parchment • Altarpiece : Triptych: 3 paneled alterpiece, Polyptych : multipaneled alterpiece • Disguised symbolism : eg a copper pot holding water could symbolize the Virgin’s purity • Intuitive perspective : its not one point linear perspective but rather a type of perspective where objects appear clearly in the background and foreground, sometimes figures might be too large for the room. Guided more by the eye than by mathematical principles. • Oil painting : an artist grinds pigments and those pigments are mixed with an oil base or oil suspension. Has certain advantages over tempera or fresco. • Hortus conclusus (latin for “enclosed garden”) Way of representing the virgin mary in an enclosed garden setting to symbolize her purity • Engraving, print making (intaglio method, hatching, burin): Limbourg Brothers (Pol. Hennequin, and Herman), October, from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, 1413-1416. Ink on vellum • Libourg Brothers were given the commission to illustrated the sumptious heures of the duke of Berry. • The duke of Berry was a very learned areodyte man, he possessed a library of almost 300 book. It was quite a large library. A book of heures is a book of prayers often times prayers said at different times of the day. • This book of heures is decorated with alternating representations of the peasentry and the aristocracy. The size of the book is probably as large as a notebook. • The book was left unfinished, brothers may have died of the plague. • The book illustrates months of the year and illustrates different activities which may have taken place during that month. • Libra (scales) and Scorpio are shown on top. Faton the sun God is making his journey in the sky. • The farmers are sowing the fields, spraying seeds. The seed sprayer seems bored. • In the foreground we see a sack of seeds and of course the seeds have attracted birds who are pecking the seeds. The scarecrow in the background doesn’t seem to be working. • In the background we have a view of the Senne river, one woman who is actually washing clothing. The medieval representation of Louvre is represented in the background. The Louvre was always the residence of the French king. • In terms of style the Limbourg brothers describe everything in painstaking detail....
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1400- 1500 Northern European 15th Century Art - Northern...

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