Paper 3 - Sarah Drumm Contemporary Social Theory Monday,...

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Sarah Drumm Contemporary Social Theory Monday, November 19, 2007 Paper Three The concepts of sociological imagination, troubles and issues, and the feminine mystique are all interrelated. It is through sociological imagination that we can understand Friedan’s feminine mystique as an “intersection of biography and history within society” (Mills, p.350) and relate the personal troubles of a lonely housewife to the larger social issue of the perpetuated myth of feminine domesticity. In general Wright’s concepts of sociological imagination, troubles, and issues help us to understand the world we live in today, and like Betty Friedman, apply his ideas to a wide variety of issues. C. Wright Mills quite literally wrote the book on the sociological imagination, his book The Sociological Imagination was published in 1959. Mills developed the idea of the sociological imagination as a way to shift from one perspective to another, as well as to be able to “grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society” (Mills, p.349). Sociological imagination enables the one using it to understand the topic of interest as part of a broader context of relationships between history and the present, between personal troubles and public issues, and between ones self and the world. According to Mills “No social study that does not come back to the problems of biography, of history and of their intersections within a society has completed its intellectual journey” (Mills, p.349). Those who haven’t used it have not explored
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the topic of interest to its furthest extent. He claims that only those who use the sociological imagination will leave any real intellectual trace. The sociological imagination has three core questions.
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Paper 3 - Sarah Drumm Contemporary Social Theory Monday,...

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