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Unformatted text preview: C cmpd. & Calvin cycle occurs in separate plant cells –  CAM: opens stomata/fixes CO2 at night, enters Calvin cycle next day C3, C4 and CAM plants thrive under diff. condiGons •  C3: most plants (temperate) •  C4 and CAM: adaptaGons for photosyn. in hot, dry climates C4: Corn, Sugarcane CAM : CacG, Pineapple Sugarcane C4 Mesophyll cell Organic acid Bundlesheath cell CAM CO2 1 CO2 incorporated into four-carbon Organic acid organic acids (carbon fixation) CO2 Calvin Cycle Fig. 10- 20 Pineapple CO2 CO2 2 Organic acids release CO2 to Calvin cycle Sugar (a) SpaGal separaGon of steps Night Day Calvin Cycle Sugar (b) Temporal separaGon of steps 11...
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