9.27.07 Thurs - “Under modern conditions as a consequence...

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Outline 9/27/07 -Auto-Poiesis and Self –Reference -Double Contingency -Generating social systems -Society as a total system -Hyper Complexity Auto-poiesis and self-reference -Auto-Poietic system: self generating system -Self referential: ability to observe and respond to themselves -Produce their own basic elements (e.g. money, love) -Establish their own boundaries and structures -Systems are closed and have no direct contact with their environment -“Codes” or “Internal languages” Society as a total system -Many functional subsystems: politics, economics, cultural, judicial, scientific, educational, etc -Only political systems segmented territorially -Economy, science, culture spread over the globe
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Unformatted text preview: “Under modern conditions, as a consequence of functional differentiation, only one societal system can exist. It’s communication network spreads across the globe. It integrates all world horizons as horizons of one communicative system” (Luhmann 178) **What are benefits and risks of the world as a total system? **To what extent does “global communication” overcome specialized codes? Hyper Complexity-All planning processes get caught up within the system-Hyper-complexity: a system contains within itself a description of its own complexity Evolution: not planned, accidental-Hyper-complexity speeds up systemic evolution...
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9.27.07 Thurs - “Under modern conditions as a consequence...

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