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Unformatted text preview: is & Clark Lewis & Clark • • • Opening up contact with Indian peoples Looking for the Northwest Passage Gathering scientific information Lewis & Clark Lewis & Clark Essex Junto Essex Junto • Federalists see their power slipping away as • • • • • nation expands westward Hatch a plan to pull New England out of the Union Also wanted to include New York Approach VP Aaron Burr Convince him to run for governor of the state When he wins pull New York out of Union Essex Junto Essex Junto • • • • • Burr lost – blamed Alexander Hamilton Burr challenges Hamilton to a duel July 11, 1804 Weehawken, NJ Burr charged with murder Fled to area near New Orleans Stuck in the Middle ­ Again Stuck in the Middle ­ Again • 1803 – War between England and France • • • • heats up again 1806 – British navy gets aggressive Need sailors – high rates of desertion Impressment – Removing sailors from American ships Jefferson not a happy man about this Chesapeake Incident Chesapeake Incident • June 22, 1807 – US ship Chesapeake • • • • anchored off Virginia within the 3 mile limit British ship – Leopard approaches – Captain demands his crew be allowed to search the ship for deserters Captain of Chesapeake says “No” Leopard opens fire 3 killed 18 wounded 4 impressed Peaceable Coercion Peaceable Coercion • Embargo Act of 1807 • Forbid American ships from landing at any foreign port unless authorized by the president • Deprive European powers of our goods ­especially food • Disaster – Hurt New England – Exports fell by 80% James Madison James Madison • • • 2 different attempts at Peaceable Coercion Both Failed Problems with Native Americans in the Northwest Territory • All this will merge into a conflict • War 1812 War of 1812 War of 1812 • British restriction of American neutral • • • • • rights at sea An American desire to obtain more land An American fear of British aid to Indians who attacked frontier settlements “War Hawks” – predicted war would last 4 weeks New England and Middle States against West and South support War of 1812 War of 1812 • Not prepared to fight – small navy and • • • • army Bank of US charter had lapsed in 1811 – not renewed – problems financing the war Most of our victories in the Great Lakes region Burning of Washington DC Fort McHenry – Francis Scott Key War of 1812 War of 1812 • Treaty of Ghent – Christmas Eve 1814 • More a truce – did not resolve many of the issues • Battle of New Orleans • Jan 8, 1815 • Andrew Jackson emerges as a War Hero The American System The American System • • • Henry Clay – Kentucky John C. Calhoun – South Carolina A nationalistic program designed to bring economic prosperity to all sections of the country • Second Bank of the United States • Protective Tariff • Internal Improvements Second Bank of the United States Second Bank of the United States • • • Bill introduced Calhoun 20 year charter Biggest...
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