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Unformatted text preview: • • • • • Washington consults as to direction to take Honor treaty with France or stay neutral? Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 Easy to proclaim – hard to defend US wants to maintain trade with both sides of the conflict • “Free ships means free goods” • England or France should not interfere with shipping of neutral nations Whiskey Rebellion Whiskey Rebellion • Occurs in Western Pennsylvania • Tax had always been unpopular with • • • • farmers Excise Tax wipes out a large portion of their profits Farmers avoided paying tax Intimidate tax collectors Burn in Effigy Whiskey Rebellion Whiskey Rebellion • May 1794 – Tax evasion charges filed • • • • against 75 farmers and distillers End of July – 7000 farmers marched on Pittsburg to express their displeasure Washington and Hamilton will lead of force of 13,000 men – larger than Washington had during the Revolution Hamilton leads army towards Pittsburg No resistance – no shots fired – no rebels arrested Whiskey Rebellion Whiskey Rebellion • • • • 20 men will be arrested Tried for treason All acquitted – except for 2 Washington will pardon them Whiskey Rebellion Whiskey Rebellion • What citizens can or cannot do when they think a law is unjust • What a government can or cannot do when citizens use violent tactics to express their displeasure • Minority rights vs. Majority rule Jay’s Treaty Jay’s Treaty • British navy harassing our ships attempting to carry on trade with French West Indies • Rise of Anti­British feeling • Washington selects John Jay to go to England and work out a treaty Jay’s Treaty Jay’s Treaty • Formal Trade Agreements • Monetary compensation for cargo taken off American ships • Southern planters wanted compensation for runaway slaves during Revolution • British evacuate frontier forts Jay’s Treaty Jay’s Treaty • Yielded more to British than obtained for the United States • Nothing in regard to compensation for seized cargo or slaves • British had 18 months to evacuate frontier forts • Called for repayment of pre­Revolution debts to British merchants Jay’s Treaty Jay’s Treaty • Allowed limited American trade with British West Indies – But not Canada • No promise to respect our neutral rights on the high seas • Treaty deepened division between Federalists and Dem­Reps Washington’s Farewell Address Washington’s Farewell Address • Avoid partisan political disagreements – work toward unity • Avoid permanent foreign entanglements – Do not get dragged into Europe’s problems 1796 Election 1796 Election • Federalists – John Adams/Thomas Pinckney • Dem­Rep – Thomas Jefferson/Aaron Burr • • John Adams – President – Federalist Thomas Jefferson – VP – Democratic­ Republican Adams Presidency Adams Presidency • • • • • Heads a split party High Federalists – support Hamilton Moderate Federalists – support Adams French unhappy about Jay’s Treaty Interpret this as aligning ourselves with Bri...
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