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Unformatted text preview: tish against them • Annulled Treaty of 1778 • French start harassing our ships at sea XYZ Affair XYZ Affair • • • Charles Pinckney – High Federalist John Marshall – Moderate Federalist Elbridge Gerry – Dem­Rep • Congress also voted to improve our coast defenses • Expand Army and Navy XYZ Affair XYZ Affair • Delegation arrives in Paris • French Prime Minister Talleyrand will not meet with them • Instead approached by 3 agents of the French government identified as X, Y, and Z • Before French will sit down and talk the US has to pay $250,000 • $12 Million “Loan” to sign a treaty XYZ Affair XYZ Affair • April 1798 – US and France will engage in a “Quasi War” in the Caribbean • Undeclared War • British will provide US with powder and shot. Also cannons for our ships Alien and Sedition Acts Alien and Sedition Acts • President could detain or deport people from nations who were at war with us • President could deport any foreigner by executive order • Raised residency requirement to vote from 5 to 14 years • High Irish immigration – tended to vote Dem­Rep or discourage immigration Alien and Sedition Acts Alien and Sedition Acts • Heavy fines and imprisonment for anyone convicted of writing, publishing, or speaking anything false, scandalous or malicious against government officials Target – Newspapers and editors that supported the Democratic­Republican Party • 12 convictions Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions • Dem­Rep response to the Alien and Sedition Acts • Theory of Nullification – States Rights • When the Federal Government passes a law that oversteps the power given to it by the Constitution then the states have a right to find that law unconstitutional Election of 1800 Election of 1800 • After electoral votes are counted • Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr are tied • • • • • with 73 votes Election moves to the House Finally after 36 ballots Jefferson elected “Revolution of 1800” Orderly, bloodless exchange of power Envisioned this country as a land of yeoman farmers Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson • Jefferson believed future generations should • • • • not have to pay the bills Repealed the Excise Tax Cut govt. debt from 83 million to 45 million Cut back Army from 4,000 to 2,500 Cut back size of the Navy Marbury vs. Madison Marbury vs. Madison • Federalists before losing power passed • • • • • Judiciary Act of 1801 Increased the number of federal judges, federal marshals by 217 Adams will appoint Federalists to the posts After Adams left office, Madison refused to deliver commission to William Marbury Established right to judicial review Found part of a law unconstitutional Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase Louisiana Purchase ­ 1803 Louisiana Purchase ­ 1803 • Initially Jefferson was hesitant • Constitution does not give the president the power to make this type of purchase • Accomplish via treaty • Doubled the size of the US • 15 million dollars Lew...
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