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Unformatted text preview: difference from the first Bank of US – More money in the vault • 10 vs. 35 million Tariff of 1816 Tariff of 1816 • Unexpected outcome of Jefferson/Madison • • • • • embargos – Home manufacturing Beginnings of Industrial Revolution End of War of 1812 – British start to flood our markets with cheap imports Factory owners worry this will hurt them 20 to 25% tax on items that could be manufactured here First Protective Tariff in our history Internal Improvements Internal Improvements • War of 1812 proved we needed a better • • • • system of roads Need to start building canals “Bonus Bill” Federal govt. fund construction of roads and canals Madison vetoed James Monroe James Monroe • • • • • • “Era of Good Feelings” Misnomer Federalist Party almost gone Democratic­Republicans – in the majority However, they are starting to break apart John Quincy Adams – Sec. of State Convention of 1818 Convention of 1818 • Settles border between US and Canada at • • • • the 49th Parallel Lake of the Woods to crest of the Rockies Oregon Territory – Joint Occupation Americans and British could settle there American fishing rights off Newfoundland Adams­Onis Treaty ­ 1819 Adams­Onis Treaty ­ 1819 • Defines boundary between US and Spanish lands • 1816 border clashes between Seminoles and Georgians • Sec. of War Calhoun will send Andrew Jackson and 2,000 men to calm things down • Told to go after offending Natives – Do not attack anything Spanish Adams­Onis Treaty Adams­Onis Treaty • By 1818 Florida Panhandle under • • • • Jackson’s control Spain not happy – but too weak to press their demands US purchases Florida for 5 million Andrew Jackson first territorial governor of Florida Becomes state in 1845 Missouri Compromise Missouri Compromise • 1819 – US has 22 states – 11 slave – 11 free • Balance of power in the Senate • 1819 – Missouri applies for statehood • Enter Union as a slave state Missouri Compromise Missouri Compromise • • • • • Tallmadge Amendment No new slaves allowed in the state Freedom for slaves at the age of 25 Gradual Emancipation In other words allow Missouri in as a slave state • Over time would become a free state • Bill did not pass the House of Reps Missouri Compromise Missouri Compromise • • • • While debate about Missouri is going on Maine applies for statehood as a free state All territory above 36 30 line free of slavery “Great American Desert” Monroe Doctrine Monroe Doctrine • American continents will not be subjected to future colonization by European powers • The political systems of the US and Europe are different. Any attempt to extend their form of govt. in this hemisphere will be considered dangerous to our peace and safety • US would not interfere with existing European colonies in this hemisphere • US will keep out of the internal affairs of European nations and their wars 1824 Election 1824 Election Andrew Jackson­TN 154,000 99 John Quincy Adams­MA 109,000 84 John Crawford­GA 46,700 41 Henry Clay –KY 47,000 37 1824 Election 1824 Election • • • Henry Clay will throw his support...
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