Final Reproduction

Is what interlocks the fetal and maternal tissue

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Unformatted text preview: gote) maintains the corpus luteum and high levels of estrogen and progesterone until corpus luteum degenerates after 3 months (not as soon as normal) When hCG levels fall, placental secretion from the trophoblast cells takes over for the What hormones so that estrogen and corpus luteum rprogesterone the egulate during levels stay high throughout second and 3rd pregnancy trimester? Neg. fb on Preparations for baby • Estrogen causes gap functions to form between smooth muscle cells (myometrium) • • • Function: uniform contractions The cervix becomes soft and flexible because the rigid collagen fibers were broken down by enzymes due to estrogen, prostaglandins, and relaxin from the ovaries Estrogen induces the synthesis of Parturition • • • • Rhythmic contractions of the myometrium from the upper half uterus to the lower (fetus head down) The contractions dilate the cervix and push the baby through Within minutes, the blood vessels of placenta and the umbilical cord completely constrict The placenta is then delivered = afterbirth Parturition Prevention • • • Estrogen and progesterone or just progesterone alone prevent contraction Changes in mucus can make it more difficult for sperm to travel Make the endometrium a worse environment to decrease implantation Male Fertility Issues • Erectile dysfunction – • Treat with meds () Problem with sperm transport – – • i/e blockage of vas deferens, vasectomy Treat: take sperm directly from testes low sperm production – Hormone treatment: more testosterone – What could problem be? Female Fertility Issues • Lack of ovulation – • Problem with fallopian tubes – • Treat: take fertility drugs Treat: surgery (reverse tubal ligation), in vitro fertilization Low progesterone – What could a potential hormonal issue be? • Not enough progesterone means endothelium doesn’t get thick enough for implantation In vitro fertilization • • • 15-20% success rate What has to happen before eggs are introduced? Why do multiple births happen?...
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