10.16.07 Tues - Outline*Paper due Friday October...

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Outline 10/16/07 *Paper due Friday, October 26 th -Dramatic realization -False fronts -Authorized vs. unauthorized performances -Performance teams -The Talented Mr. Ripley Dilemma of Expression vs. Action Sometimes people work so hard to dramatize the performance that they can’t realize the performance “This activity diverted to communication (of the meaning of the role) will often require different attributes from the ones being dramatized.” (Goffman p.32) Illusion of Relaxation : “To furnish a home that will express dignity, the householder may have to race to auction sales, haggle with antique dealers, and doggedly canvass all the local shops for wallpaper and curtain materials (p32) Illusion of Spontaneity : “To give a radio talk that will sound genuinely informal, spontaneous, and relaxed, the speaker may have to design his script with painstaking care, testing one phrase after another, in order to follow the content, language, rhythm, and pace of everyday talk” (Goffman p32) Ilusion of Cultivation : “ A vogue model, by her clothing, stance, and facial expression, is able to expressively to portray a cultivated understanding of the book she poses in her hand; but those who trouble to express themselves so appropriately will have very little time left over for reading.” (Goffman p.32-33) False Fronts
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10.16.07 Tues - Outline*Paper due Friday October...

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