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Unformatted text preview: respondent grew up. The survey ignores the influence of peers and the school environment, as well as the media, which is significant in shaping sexual attitudes at a pre- college age. This is especially significant when we want to determine if the respondents who grew up in Asia went to boarding school/international schools where they would likely have had exposure to more Westernized peers and hence we could draw better conclusions about this. Asking respondents which factor was more important (cultural values, religion or practical concerns) with a breakdown for pre- marital sex, birth control and abortion would have helped to nuance the argument as well. Naturally, if I had been able to do follow- up interviews, I could possibly have been able to find out a lot more motivating factors behind the sexual attitudes of college students. Validity of questions: In reflection, the survey could have been better crafted – certain terms in the survey are potentially ambiguous – “sexual relations”, for example, could be understood by one respondent as the act of coitus, while petting would be a sufficient indicator for another respondent. There is no way to ensure consistent understanding of the term (a definition in the question would be another way to minimize the problem) and this could potentially have reduced the validity of the results. 14...
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