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SOCI100 Final Paper Nicolette

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Unformatted text preview: re third- generation. Findings Three questions were asked in this survey about attitudes towards pre- marital sexual attitudes. One was whether or not respondents thought that consensual premarital sexual relations are “wrong”. A majority of students (60.0%) feel that consensual pre- marital sex is not wrong at all, while 8.8% believe that pre- marital sex is “always wrong”. Majority of respondents (57.5%) feel that the decision on birth control should be made by both parties and 32.5% believe that it should be mandatory. Regarding the question of abortion arising from pre- marital sex, 90.1% of respondents believe that abortion should be legal in all or some cases. 1. Environment Growing Up Survey results show a positive relationship between liberalism of sexual attitudes and where respondents spent their growing up years (Asia or America). 2 Nicolette Tan SOCI100: Intro to Sociological Research On pre- marital sex, there is a clear positive correlation – a larger percentage of respondents who grew up in Asia compared to America tended to believe to believe that pre- marital sex was wrong in most or all cases. A significantly larger percentage of respondents who grew up in America compared to those in Asia believed that pre- marital sex was not wrong at all (see Table 1.1) Table 1.1 Attitudes towards Pre- Marital Sex across Environment Growing Up Wrong in Wrong in Not wrong at Total most/all cases some cases all Grew up in Asia Significant time in Western Country 2nd /3rd Gen. Asian Americans 26.9% 23.7% 26.9% 36.5% 46.2% 39.8% 100% 100% 7.1% 19.2% 73.8% 100% On the issue of birth control, the positive correlation is once again evident. While across the board most respondents felt that it should be mutually discussed, a larger percentage of respondents who grew up in Asia believed that birth control should be mandatory and a smaller percentage believed that it should be mutually discussed (see Table1.2). However, it is notable that the difference is not that great, indicating a general convergence of beliefs regarding birth control. Table 1.2 Attitudes towards Birth Control Use across Environment Growing Up Mandatory Decided by Male Grew up in Asia 42.3% 0.0% Significant time in 33.3% 0.0% Western Country 2nd /3rd Gen. As...
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