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In specificity to attitudes on pre marital

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Unformatted text preview: owever, this overrepresentation actually allowed me to better distinguish students that grew up in Asia compared to those who are second or third- generation Asian- Westerners. The impacts of upbringing and influence of environment become more significant. Sample size: The sample size is too small. Future research would have to include a higher number of respondents to gain an accurate weightage and representation of responses – generalizability of the trends would be stronger. 12 Nicolette Tan SOCI100: Intro to Sociological Research Sample representation of universe: The limit of survey respondents to University of Pennsylvania also means that the results are not generalizable to all college students because the differences in socio- economic and educational background and environment of students in the school, especially that of the international students, would differ greatly from students of other colleges due to a possible correlation between socio- economic factors and life experiences. One can then also draw correlation between socio- economic factors and their social values and attitudes on the liberal/conservative scale and therefore conclude that this survey might be an over- estimate of the actual level of liberalism regarding pre- marital sex amongst ethnically Chinese college students. Method Anonymity: Given the anonymity of the survey and the fact that the survey responses were relatively uncontrolled due to its accessibility on the social networking platforms, it would have been relatively difficult to verify the ethnicity of respondents. Hence, some of the survey results would not be reliable in measuring the dependent variable in the first place and hence be invalid. Self- reporting: The self- reporting mechanism of the survey in terms of asking about family backgrounds and the impact of religion in their lives etc. can also be scrutinized to question if this is a true reflection of the respondents’ lives. However, the study aims at investigating the perceptions of the respondents and the importance of family, culture and religion in their lives. Hence, the self- reporting mechanism is valid. 13 Nicolette Tan SOCI100: Intro to Sociological Research Limited question breakdown: More questions could have been asked to determine the environment in which each...
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