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On the scale of liberal traditional regarding

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Unformatted text preview: rted moderate upbringing. Table 2.2 Attitudes towards Birth Control Use across Family Upbringing Mandatory Decided Female by Mutually Discussed Total Somewhat Traditional 41.7% & Traditional 8.3% 50.0% 100% Moderate 27.0% 13.5% 59.5% 100% Somewhat Liberal & Liberal 31.6% 5.2% 78.9% 100% Regarding pre- marital abortion, we find a very strong positive relationship that the more liberal one’s upbringing was, the more accepting one is towards pre- marital abortion (see Table 2.3). 68.4% of respondents with somewhat liberal/liberal upbringing, compared to 41.7% with somewhat traditional/traditional upbringing believe that pre- marital abortion should be legal in all cases. 5 Nicolette Tan SOCI100: Intro to Sociological Research Table 2.3 Attitudes towards Pre- Marital Abortion across Family Upbringing Legal in all Legal in Illegal cases some cases Don’t Know Total Somewhat Traditional 41.7% & Traditional 45.8% 12.5% 0.0% 100% Moderate 54.1% 32.4% 2.7% 10.8% 100% 68.4% 31.6% 0.0% 0.0% 100% Somewhat Liberal & Liberal Hence, we can conclude that across the dependent variables, family upbringing is a significant determinant factor. This is especially so when we compare the two extreme groups in terms of upbringing. Respondents who experienced moderate family upbringing tend to be slight outliers from the direct relationship. Alternate Hypotheses: Gender: Gender differences in sexual attitudes typically are perceived to be large, but evidence suggests that generally there is no difference between genders regarding how open they are to pre- marital sex. 63.7% of males and 60.3% females felt that there was nothing wrong with pre- marital sex. However, there was a slight difference in views against pre- marital sex. 9% of male respondents believe that pre- marital sex is wrong in most cases but 0% of males believe that it is wrong in all cases. However, 17.2% of females believe that pre- marital sex is wrong in all or most cases. Regarding the use of birth control, attitudes are similar across gender as well where a majority of both genders said that it should be an issue decided by both parties 6 Nicolette Tan SOCI100: Intro to Sociological Research (47.9% male and 60.3% female) However, it is interesting to see to note that more males than fe...
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