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Unformatted text preview: t in general their choices are shaped by religion and a similar value of 8.8% said that personal religion shaped their views on pre- marital sex. A larger percentage of respondents were influenced by their Asian values (37.5% in the general question and 20% in the specific question). However, it seems that religion is less likely to be eroded by practical concerns in making choices, compared to upbringing and Asian cultural values. 73.6% of respondents who gave religion- related responses in the general question said that their views on pre- marital sex were shaped by religion. However, only 55% who gave Asian- influence related answers in the general question felt that influence of Asian upbringing/values shaped their choices. In conclusion – ultimately, upbringing is the more dominant factor that influences one’s opinions on pre- marital sexual behavior. Religion and cultural influence are significant independent variables as well, but culture, which is correlated to environment and upbringing, seems to matter more in general. However, compared to religion, culture seems to be more easily eroded by practical concerns. 11 Nicolette Tan SOCI100: Intro to Sociological Research Methodological Appendix Overall, the choice of the survey method helped provide a sense, at the macro- level of the different groups of ethnic Chinese and the factors that influence their choices. However, results from this survey may have certain biases and limitations. Sensitivity of issue: The issue of sexual relations, despite the anonymity of the survey, might still be a topic relatively sensitive for respondents. Hence, when asked if they had engaged in sexual relations, almost 10% of respondents did not wish to disclose their activity. Hence, this reflects a lack of trust that could result in social desirability bias when it comes to responding to my survey, especially on questions about sex. Sample Access to upperclassmen: As a freshman, my access to upperclassmen in the college is limited, hence the bulk of my respondents are freshmen. Hence, this limits me from studying the changes in perception of pre- marital sexual attitudes over time with more exposure and acculturation to American norms. A longitudinal study would be ideal to help me understand such trends. H...
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