List of Grants for Jackson

Be awarded 400 each value 3 will dollars and

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Unformatted text preview: ers? $100 be awarded ($400 each value) 3 will dollars and gardening supples id=207 such as Cedar Raised Bed Up to $5,000 Kids Gardening Tools Up to $5,000 Geobin Composter ? Vegetable Garden Seed Collection NGA Curriculum Focus of Grant General Proposals demonstrating STEM strong elements of Habitats in schools and/or environmental justice conservation Comments Applicant needs to be 13-18 THIS GRANTEmma; Nicolette and years old K-5 and 6-12 separate to connect to grants Curriculum Focus on making seed Schools that serve K-12 grants of $500 or less and preference is given to groups that have funding Emma and Nicolette; High schools, charter School Gardens Environment-based education already to match their to connect to s onation in schools dchools, youth schools, General community Applicant must agricultural Curriculum Non profit and be 25 and training projects/programs underhave a budget less Social and environmental must programs, and nonEducators must be planning profits serving low- to change than profit, charitable orgs, Non 500,000 feasibilitty to use the garden program to Schools need students middle-income Education and about and Community recycling s nd public schoolsof 14-18 teach students environmental atudy to know whether it is between the ages education, pest management Community emphasishave pears of age located in the integrated sustainability y hysically possible to Fruit Treeused in gardens an orchard. are eligible to practices Orchards United States and commercial agriculture. apply. General; for schools and their class projects Grant Yessenia Moreno Miscelleanous Funding requests that have Requests a permanent impact such Seeds as facility enhancement Seeds Pay $10 for and outdoor) (both indoor membership Trees and get as trees as well 10 Technology in classroom landscaping/clean up type Infrastructure for Education projects. Education, youth, arts, environment School Gardens schools http://www.americainbloo m/schoolMORE GRANTS HERE now but open later gardens/grants-for21 Opportunities.aspx http://www.classroomeart gardens/ http://www.dosomething. http://captainplanetfound org/grants/database
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