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Unformatted text preview: alltraining. Kontrolle 1. Present The tense you use to make statements about „right now“ is the _____________ tense. 2. time You may also use this tense with a _______________ expression to indicate the future. 3. To create an implied future, you may use time expressions that designate a point in time or period a __________________ of time. 4. wenn A _______-clause may also be used as a vehicle to establish the link with the future. 5. When a sentence begins with a wenn-clause, the entire wenn-clause is considered to occupy _____________________ in the sentence. first part 6. When a sentence begins with a wenn-clause, the next word, i.e., the first word in the main clause is a ____________ followed by a ____________. verb subject 7. The wenn-clause is always separated from the main clause by a ____________. comma i dran! Write truthful answers to the following questions. Include wenn -clauses in your responses whenever the opportunity presents itself. 1. Was machen Sie später _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Was machen Sie morgen? _________________________________________________________________________ 3. Was machen Sie dieses Wochenende, wenn das Wetter schön ist? _________________________________________________________________________ 4. Was machen Sie dieses Wochenende, wenn es regnet oder schneit? _________________________________________________________________________ 5. Was machen Sie, wenn Sie viel Geld und viel Zeit haben? _________________________________________________________________________...
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