11.13.07 Tues - Outline 11/13/07 Bourdieu and Social...

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Outline 11/13/07 Bourdieu and Social Reproduction Social Fields Habitus Mapping Social Space Choosing the Necessary The “Class Body” Bourdieu and Social Reproduction Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) French Sociologist and intellectual Came from a humble rural background, son of a minor civil servant In his theories, he combines Marx, Durkheim, and Weber Tries to move beyond the divide between “subjectivism”: focuses on internal, subjective states (ideas, values, prejudices, etc, what’s going on in your head) and “objectivism”: the external, how much money, status, houses, cars, etc. What’s on the outside? Advocates reflexive sociology: a call for sociologists to be self critical, self critique of the academic establishment. He is essentially addressing the problem of “Social Reproduction”: how do things get reproduced from generation to generation. EG why do rich stay rich, poor stay poor. **How are social relations (and the relations of power these imply) produced and sustained over time? Social Fields Social fields are autonomous arenas of interaction, strategy, and struggle -EG: academic fields, artistic fields, religious fields, economic fields, political fields, sports fields, etc. **Why does Bourdieu use imagery of a fields rather than a system?
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11.13.07 Tues - Outline 11/13/07 Bourdieu and Social...

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