11.27.07 Tues - Giddens Structuration Theory Anthony...

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Giddens: Structuration Theory Anthony Giddens (1938-?) British theorist Taught at Cambridge University Director of London School of Economics Advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair Attempts to develop a synthetic theory that incorporates BOTH structure and agency Joins elements of structural-functionalist, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism Preoccupied with transformations of modernity Structuration Theory Critique of Habermas: we can’t separate system from life-world! System and life- world intertwined, both the system and the life world come together by means of Practices Both come together in Practices -Abstract, technological systems AND taken for granted knowledge BOTH strategic and communicative action. **EG When we talk on our cell phones, how in modern life both the systemic aspects and communicative aspects come together in the intersection of technological systems. Both reproduce and TRANSFORM structures Structure (Rules and resources that govern our lives) Agency (Creative action) Structure interacts with agency and routinized practices at the same time. There’s a reciprocal relationship between structure and agency. EG Daycare draws on the structure and the agency. The Juggernaut of Modernity
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11.27.07 Tues - Giddens Structuration Theory Anthony...

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