12.04.07 Tues - Outline Postmodernism: the feminist...

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Outline Postmodernism: the feminist critique Collins: Black feminist thought The matrix of domination Situated knowledge Knowledge and empowerment Post-Modernism: The feminist critique Why Post-Modernism is helpful: Against universalistic, “totalizing” theories Social Criticism as contextual, plural, limited Opens space for feminism perspectives But: Postmodernism also hinders feminist thought Criticizes but without proposing any alternatives. Feminists are not just criticizing they’re also trying to create a more egalitarian society Feminists criticize post-modernists for making it difficult to have any systematic knowledge of the world. (EG if power is everywhere at all time, it becomes very hard to have systematic knowledge about it) Feminists say that the post-modernist viewpoint leads to paralysis rather than political action **Why might the postmodern critique of the Enlightenment project lead to paralysis, rather than action? -Pluralistic viewpoints, hard to know what to do. In contrast to Mill’s who had a systematic viewpoint of the power structure, which made it easy to act and create plans to change it Pluralistic (more agency) viewpoint than mills (more structure) viewpoint Collins: Black Feminist Theory Patricia Hill Collins (1948-) BA: Brandeis, MA: Harvard, Ph.D. Brandeis Teaches at the University of Maryland Usually the only African American, working class woman in schools, communities, workplaces. (May have influenced her theory by her being a semi outsider (vulnerable to stereotyping, but also gave her a kind of second
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12.04.07 Tues - Outline Postmodernism: the feminist...

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