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1. Introduction paragraph (preview concepts, theorists, argument) a. Mills: Power Elite, Mass Society, Troubles/Issues 1. Triangle of power. Economic, Military, Politics. Interchangeable. 2. Mass Society. No concern for issues, not involved, apathetic. 2. Troubles/Issues b. Collins: Matrix of Domination, Situated knowledge 1. Multiple systems of domination. Interlocked. Privilege in one. Dominated in other. Resistance. 2. Different knowledge. No one has same. Based on intersections. c. Mills systemic viewpoint more structure, Collins more agency 2. C.W. Mills a. structure: Concepts of class structure (power elite, public sphere, mass society) b. agency: Most agency in Power Elite. Free to make history. Some freer than others. c. Case: Getting called “spic” 1. Don’t fit in power elite. 2. Ignorance of Mass Society
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Troubles are larger public issue 3. Patricia Collins (In contrast) a. agency: 1.Matrix of Domination. Strong Agency. 2. Situated knowledge. Everyone different knowledge. Perspectives are partial, not whole. b. structure: Still organization, but more interplay. Pluralistic structure. c. Case: Getting called spic 1. Matrix of Domination. Picked one characteristic over other. 2. More situated knowledge. Can learn standpoints of others. 4. Comparison and Opinion a. Similarities and differences between them 1. Mills systemic viewpoint: most agency in Power Elite 2. Collins pluralistic, more interplay allowed. b. which one most agree with and why 1. Collins. Allows more freedom. 2. Mills too structured. Too focused on power elite. 5. Concluding paragraph (Recap concepts, theorists, argument)...
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