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January 31, 2007 Labor: work; physical or mental exertion Like: kickboxing, exercise, shopping dislike: schoolwork, my job, housework Estranged labor: people spend most of their lives doing things they do not like, less time doing things they do. Doing things you don’t like is estranged labor. More commodities produced, the worker becomes less important. Worker’s value is declining the more the worker makes; the cheaper the worker becomes. Product is produced and is no longer property of the worker. Commodity becomes object and faces worker in the market alienation / estranged labor/estrangement Takes the life away from the commodity-value is in its price. Private property is caused by estranged labor. : specialization, divide work to different people. You are good at one thing; you are one component to the production line. Competition – free market- should be able to compete with one another.
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Unformatted text preview: Exchange value: things matter only as exchange values, price makes exchange happen. All these are progressive things that happened b/c of political economy. Basis is greed & avarice. Political economy hides estrangement. 1. Alienates man from his nature. Plants & animals. Creative activity of human is his labor. All wealth is produced by labor. Anything produced comes from labor. Man creates things of importance. His life is taken away from him and does not fulfill his physical needs. His product becomes a commodity or an object. 2. Alienates man from himself. Doesn’t enjoy creating anymore-doesn’t enjoy the pleasure anymore. Marx thinks this is like an animal-loss of self- 3. Alienates him from his species. Man treated as an animal or a slave-beneath a regular human being. 4. Alienates him from other man –personal relationships suffer. Man not allowed socializing with other men. Capitalists wouldn’t be able to make profit or private property....
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