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March 5, 2007 Durkheim compared society to an organism. Society has different functions, all these functions are related. Modern societies are organic solidarities. Dependent on institutions. Social Fact: something that is external to the individual but exerts force onto the individual. Social fact is external and has a coercive power over you. EG Individualism (forced to be individuals, no way to resist it). Crime, Suicide Social Currents: Eg. Mob mentality. Falling rate of profit: look at 3 mechanisms that capitalists look to fight it. EG outsourcing, employment, Commodity Fetishism: how tshirt is dictating the lifes of people in Nambia.
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Unformatted text preview: How the commodity dictates their lives. Commodity Fetishism : is a commodity dictating human relationships. In a preindustrial society a person whos selling a commodity for wheat there is a personal relationship. There is a personal relationship, not dictated by the sugar and wheat. Now we don’t see who processed or made the sugar. No personal relation beteen the person and the producer. The commodity is therefore dictating our lives and hiding the personal relationships behind the commodity....
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