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Salary analysis run 45 univariate procedure 46 the

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Unformatted text preview: statements to open, close and manage the ODS destinations: ODS LISTING ODS OUTPUT ODS HTML ODS PDF ODS PRINTER ODS PS ODS RTF Examples of options: FILE=‘external-file’ produces traditional SAS output produces a SAS data set produces HTML 4.0 output produces PDF file produces output for high-resolution printers produces PostScript output produces Rich Text Format file specifies the file to send the output to COLUMNS=n specifies the width of the output on a page STARTPAGE= YES | NO | NOW controls page breaks. Each procedure forces a page break at the beginning and at certain places. Use NO to turn off, NOW to force a break immediately. Default is YES. • Syntax: ods destination <options>; ods <destination> <action>; 49 Actions 50 Generating HTML Files Examples of actions: CLOSE closes the destination so that no more output can be sent to it EXCLUDE exclusions ALL|NONE excludes output objects from the destination (default is none) SELECT selections ALL|NONE selects output objects for the destination (default is all) 51 • The ODS HTML statement opens, closes, and manages the HTML destination. • General form of the ODS HTML statement: ODS HTML FILE='HTML-file-specification' <options>; SAS code that generates output ODS HTML CLOSE; 52 13 Generating HTML Files Creating an HTML Report • Output is directed to the specified HTML file until you 1. Open an HTML destination for the listing report. 2. Generate the report. 3. Close the HTML destination. – close the HTML destination – specify another destination file. ods html file='…'; proc print… proc means… proc freq… ods html close; HTML File ods html file=‘C:\salary report.html'; proc print data=st.empdata label noobs; label Salary='Annual Salary'; format Salary money. Jobcode $codefmt.; title1 'Salary Report'; run; ods html close; report report report 53 Creating an HTML Report 54 Selecting Output 1. Use the ODS TRACE statement to get a listing of output objects from the procedure. 2. View the output object information from the SAS Log. 3. Use an ODS SELECT statement to choose the output objects to include in the report. ods trace on; proc univariate data=st.crew; var salary; run; ods trace off; 55 56 14 Selecting Output Output The UNIVARIATE Procedure Variable: Salary 2. View the output object information from the SAS Log. Moments Excerpt from the SAS log: N Mean Std Deviation Skewness Uncorrected SS Coeff Variation Output Added: ------------Name: Moments Label: Moments Template: base.univariate.Moments Path: Univariate.high.Moments ------------- 69 52144.9275 25521.7758 0.73957981 2.3191E11 48.943928 Sum Weights Sum Observations Variance Kurtosis Corrected SS Std Error Mean 69 3598000 651361040 -0.7397334 4.42926E10 3072.46075 Basic Statistical Measures Output Added: ------------Name: BasicMeasures Label: Basic Measures of Location and Variability Template: base.univariate.Measures Path: Univariate.high.BasicMeasures ------------- Location Mean Median Mode Variability 52144.93 42000.00 34000.00 Output Objects...
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