Human Brain Cells Boost Mouse Memory Human Brain Cells Boost Mouse Memory - ScienceNOW

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Unformatted text preview: us s s ay s , "s o more res earc h of this ty pe would be informative." F ollow Scien ceNOW on F acebook and T witter Pos ted in Cell Biology | Evolution | Neuros cience ShaEe ail ShaPeint | rm rr Shar e 509 MorMore e Re late d Article s AP RI L 1 8 , 2 0 1 3 AP RI L 1 7 , 2 0 1 3 AP RI L 1 5 , 2 0 1 3 Ho w Ro ckin g a Bab y Is Like M o u th -Car r yin g a M o u se Pu p 'Liv in g F o ssil' Ge ts Its Ge n o me Se q u e n ce d Co lo r -Ch an g in g Har e Can 't Ke e p Up With Climate Ch an g e 2 c o mme n t s Be s t Com m unit y Shar e ALSO ON SCIENCENOW What's this ? T he Final Word on Pe nis Siz e ? 228 c omments • 14 day s ago discgolfur — wonder how res ults would s kew if you added clothing (on m odel or s trewn over chair in background?) ranging from s weats to a … Why Your Brain Lov e s T hat Ne w Song 11 c omments • 11 day s ago jack — you m y friend have com m itted a weak analogy fallacy. C o m m e n t fe e d T op Storie s: Pain on the Brain, Obama's 2014 Scie nce Budge t, and the Final … 1 c omment • 10 day s ago Sabrina Edow ard — Thanx for a very inform ative webs ite. Where els e could I get that kind of info written in s uch a perfect m eans ? I have a … Liv e Chat: What Hav e We Le arne d About Dinosaurs Since Jurassic Park? 112 c omments • 21 day s ago W ill LeBlanc — What is the current unders tanding of DNA recovered from dinos aur fos s ils (is it actual dino DNA - not contam ination, not … S u b s c r i b e vi a e m a i l news.sciencemag .or g /sciencenow/2013/03/human- br ain- cells- boost- mouse- me.html?r ef= hp 2/2...
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