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Ed and degraded whic h varied between target genes

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Unformatted text preview: graded, whic h varied between target genes . The c omputational methods us ed in this s tudy to identify the bes t model from a field of c andidates c ould be ex tended to other c omplex s ignaling and gene regulatory s y s tems . G. Neuert, B. Muns k y , R. Z. Tan, L. Tey telman, M. Khammas h, A. van Oudenaarden, Sy s tematic identific ation of s ignal-ac tivated s toc has tic gene regulation. Sc ienc e 339, 584–587 (2013). [Abs trac t] [Full Tex t] Citation: A. M. VanHook, Identifying the Goldilocks Model. Sci. Signal. 6, ec36 (2013). THE EDITORS SUGGEST THE FOLLOWING RELA TED RESOURCES ON SCIENCE SITES: In Science Signaling EDITORS' CHOICE CELL BIOLOGY Remodeling Responses L. Bryan Ray (10 May 2011) Sci. Signal. 4 (172), ec137. [DOI: 10.1126/s cis ignal.4172ec137] Abstract » RESEARCH ARTICLES CELL BIOLOGY Single-Cell Analysis Reveals That Insulation Maintains Signaling Specificity Betw een Tw o Yeast MAPK Pathw ays w ith Common Components Jes s e C. Patters on, Evguenia S. Klim enko, and Jerem y Thorner (19 October 2010) Sci. Signal. 3 (144), ra75. [DOI: 10.1126/s cis ignal.2001275] Editor's Summary » Abstract » Full Text » PDF » Supplementary Materials » RESEARCH ARTICLES COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY Dynamic Signaling in the Hog1 MAPK Pathw ay Relies on High Basal Signal Transduction Javier Macia, Sergi Regot, Tom Peeters , Núria Conde, Ricard Solé, and Frances c Pos as (24 March 2009) Sci. Signal. 2 (63), ra13. [DOI: 10.1126/s cis ignal.2000056] Editor's Summary » Abstract » Full Text » PDF » Supplementary Materials » DATABASE OF CELL SIGNALING High Osmolarity Glycerol (HOG) Pathw ay in Yeast Patrick J. Wes tfall, Daniel R. Ballon and Jerem y Thorner Sci. Signal. (Connections Map Pathway), http://s tke.s ciencem /s tkecm ;CMP_14620 Specific Pathw ay » stke.sciencemag .or g .ezpr i/content/abstr act/sig tr ans;6/261/ec36?view= abstr act 1/2 2/5/13 Identifying the Goldilocks M odel - - VanHook 6 ( 261) : ec36 - - Science Sig naling Sc i enc e Si gnal i ng. ISSN 1937- 9145 ( online) , 1945- 0877 ( pr int) . Pr e- 2008: Sc i enc e's STKE. ISSN 1525- 8882 New s | Sc i enc e Jour nals | Car eer s | Blogs and Communities | Multimedia | Collec tions | Help | Site Map | RSS Subs c r ibe | Feedbac k | Pr iv ac y / Legal | A bout Us | A dv er tis e With Us | Contac t Us © 2013 A mer ic an A s s oc iation f or the A dv anc ement of Sc ienc e. A ll Rights Res er v ed. A A A S is a par tner of HINA RI, A GORA , OA RE, PatientInf or m, Cr os s Ref , and COUNTER. stke.sciencemag .or g .ezpr i/content/abstr act/sig tr ans;6/261/ec36?view= abstr act 2/2...
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