2.26M - Exam 5 short answer(given 6 questions write 5 She...

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February 26, 2007 Exam: 5 short answer (given 6 questions, write 5) She will be giving us 15 questions to study, she will ask 6 of what she’s giving us. Origin of Family Engels – Bourgeoisie - monogamy meant the world historic defeat of the female sex: in the beginning, women were the dominating sex. Communal ownership of property; family of women but children belong to women’s family but not men’s family. Matrilineal community -females live with females and their brothers. Brothers really have the power. Men live with his father and brothers. Women had more power (matriarchal) (banned by the British) Emergence of monogamy came along with the emergence of private property. Women cannot have children with any other man-property is inherited to the child of one man one woman. Patrilineal society-lineage-inherit the property of the father. Males have the power. Problems with monogamy – similar to class slavery – woman enslaved by man- men can be polygamous but woman had to remain monogamous – men had to be sure of who’s baby the woman had. Adultery and prostitution were an integral part of monogamy for men. Nothing to do with love/passion-it all happened in adultery. Marriage fixed by parents – parental consent. Marriage of convenience. Proletariat family - both contribute to industry. Women not dominated by men.
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2.26M - Exam 5 short answer(given 6 questions write 5 She...

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