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Unformatted text preview: l modifications) for the Pre- Labs. In problem 2, you determined the types of filters – LP, HP, BP, and BR, which can be obtained by proper connections of signals and ground to the same circuit (above). Here, you will focus on LP and HP filters built of the 2- kΩ resistor and capacitor(s). Part 1(20 points) Calculate the cutoff frequencies Calculate the cutoff frequency in Hz of each of the following filters; write your results in the table; show your work for the HP filter with 2 capacitors. Low- Pass filters High- Pass filters Filters with one capacitor C = 56 nF Filters with 2 capacitors 56 nF and 560 pF in series © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 1 of 3 Last printed 2013- 02- 20 12:46 PM File: 2013 W 314 HW 6 p3.docx EECS 314 Winter 2013 HW #6 Problem 3 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _____ Part 2 (50 points) Make the MATLAB plot Make a MATLAB plot that shows the transfer function magnitudes of all 4 filters: ü༏ The horizontal axis should be logarithmic; use the following commands: f = logspace(log10(20),log10(1e7),10000); % to set the array and semilogx(f, abs(H1LP),f, abs(H1HP),f, abs(H2LP),f, abs(H2HP)); grid; % to create the plot ü༏ The vertical axis should be linear (not in decibels); for example, see Figure 6- 16 on page 27 of Lab 6 in your Lab book ü༏ The transfer function curves of LP and HP filters, which are built of the same components, should overlap as in Figure 6- 20 in your Lab book ü༏ Clearly label each curve (handwritten, OK): whether it belongs to LP of HP filter, and whether the filter includes one or two capacitors. ü༏ Make sure that both the MATLAB code and MATLAB plot include your name and the date of work ü༏ Attach a printout of your MATLAB code and MATLAB plot to your HW paper Part 2 (30 points) Analyze your MATLAB plot The intersection point of the curves for LP and HP filters (which include the same components) should match their cutoff frequency. ü༏ Mark the both intersection points (for two sets of filters) ü༏ Determine each cutoff frequency from your MATLAB plot ü༏ Compare with your calculations in Part 1 of this problem, and ü༏ Write a brief conclusion on the agreement/disagreement of the...
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