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Unformatted text preview: itors in parallel add, b ut c apacitors C1 a nd C2 c onnected in series have the equivalent capacitance equal to C1 • C2 CEQ= c1 + Cz . / Position side-by-side the diagrams o f t he circuits built of the same components Low-Pass filters Ao I nput signal c =56 nF iR I = 2 k ll C Hi h -Pass filters ~ c l 0 >------------, Input signal c =56 nF B O utput signal R =2k.O Output signal C I2012A.. G anago 0 2012A..Ganago j) ( Ii4.~t) L:.IW\~ E (~tptAt) R.:. )..OOSL =F © 2 013 Alexander Ganago Last p rinted 2 013-02-20 10:17 AM Page 2 o f 4 File: 2 013 W 3 14 HW 6 p2.docx EECS 3 14 W inter 2 013 S tudent's name LA~ We.t ( ~SL) HW # 6 P roblem 2 Discussion section # In t he t able below, d raw t he c ircuit diagrams for BP a nd BR filters. Follow t he i nstructions on page 2 o f t his problem. B and-re·ect filters B and-Pass filters (io<~"j_ CevSS't.spF F (\it~) ~::2-00J'l.. "E (~t~} J..:: I -..... \-\ t . to~14t I L:::.l Mt-\ R~-uJO&SU ~;,s:Slf.Spf. =fB F ( iM.f>"..t ) R.:.loOS"b E (<X1-tf\'t ) L~ l""l-\ C=--5bopF :fc © 2 013 A lexander Ganago Last p rinted 2 013-02-20 1 0:17 AM Page 4 o f 4 File: 2 013 W 3 14 HW 6 p2.docx EECS 314 Winter 2013 HW #6 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _____ (Last, First, write legibly, use ink) (use ink) Instructor is not responsible for grading and entering scores for HW papers lacking clear information in the required fields above Problem 3 Transfer functions of LP and HP filters in the circuit of Lab 6 (100 points) Before starting to solve this problem, make sure that you have reviewed the recording of Lecture #11 (February 20, 2013) and read the following: 1. Lab 6 pages 23- 28, Pre- Lab 6- 2- 5 on page 30; Lab 6 pages 36- 38; Pre- Lab 6- 3- 5 on page 40; Appendix pages A1- 17 to A1- 19 in your Lab book 2. Lecture #11 notes posted on CTools Instructors in Discussion sections and office hours will assume that every student is already familiar with the materials listed above. In this problem you will continue working with the circuit, which you will solder and study in Lab 6 (the diagram is repeated for your convenience). Feel free to use your results obtained in problem 2 of this assignment. Note that this problem overlaps with the Pre- Lab assignments listed above: keep your MATLAB code because you can reuse it (with minima...
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