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Unformatted text preview: cutoff frequencies found in Part 1 and those found from your MATLAB plot. On your MATLAB plot label: ü༏ The audio range 20 Hz – 20 kHz, and ü༏ The usual frequency range of human voices 300 Hz – 3.5 kHz. Briefly discuss which of these 4 filters are useful for separating signals within the audio range (if a filter blocks all sounds or passes all sounds it would be useless). (Continued on the next page) © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 2 of 3 Last printed 2013- 02- 20 12:46 PM File: 2013 W 314 HW 6 p3.docx EECS 314 Winter 2013 HW #6 Problem 3 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _____ Part 3, continued Use your MATLAB to investigate the influence of component values on the amplitudes of output signals: ü༏ Assume that the input signals are at 1 Vppk at all frequencies ü༏ Determine and compare the amplitudes in mVppk of the output signals of two filters of the same type, at the same frequency (for example, the outputs of two HP filters at 5 kHz) ü༏ Provide numerical examples of distinction between the output signals of the same type of filter: 2 examples for LP, and 2 examples for HP filters in the table below: in one example, show a great distinction, in the other – a negligibly small distinction between the two output amplitudes. Type of filter; Amplitudes of output signals in mVppk Frequency of...
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