D in case of an arc discharge present

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Unformatted text preview: carrying voltage and current)? (check all that apply): a. Very carefully touch it with your fingertip. b. Never use your fingertip, because it can get dirty. c. Never use your fingertip, because you may grab the wire and be unable to let it go. d. Use the back of your hand. e. Do not use the back of your hand, because the skin there is very insensitive. 11. If you see someone who fell after being shocked with a hot wire, which he cannot let go, the wisest course of action is… © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 2 of 6 Last printed 2013- 01- 13 11:36 AM File: 2013 W 314 HW 2 p2.docx EECS 314 Winter 2013 HW 2 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _____ (Last, First, write legibly, use ink) (use ink) a. Don’t bother: he’ll recover in a few minutes and would do everything himself; your uninvited help might only embarrass him. b. First, turn the power off; then help the person. c. Help him stand up, then walk to the main switch to turn off the power. d. Not to be scared of anything, just help him the best you can. e. Call 911; even if they arrive half an hour later, nothing happens. 12. Mains outlets (household voltage)… (check all that apply): a. Have killed people but only in UK, Australia, and other countries where the mains carry 240 V b. Are totally safe at 120 V (US standard). c. Require extreme care, regardless of the voltage. d. In the US, can be repaired even under applied voltage. e. May cause electrocution, but such events are highly unlikely. 13. Metal rings, jewelry, etc. …. (check all that apply): a. Can be worn casually, because they present no danger working with electricity. b. May lead to trouble if they get caught by metal parts and do not allow you to withdraw your hand from the source of electric shock. c. Help you divert the current from your body, because their electric resistance is lower. Even if a high current flows through it, the ring itself remains cool. d. May get extremely hot in the case of an arc discharge even at low voltages. e. Make you especially attractive w...
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