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Unformatted text preview: if the current flows from hand to foot c. Unavoidable, even if the person wears shoes with insulating soles. d. None of the above. Amplifiers … (check all that apply): a. Are among the safest devices to work with: they never hurt anyone. b. Can easily kill you, especially Class D. c. May be relatively safe but still require safe working practices. © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 1 of 6 Last printed 2013- 01- 13 11:36 AM File: 2013 W 314 HW 2 p2.docx EECS 314 Winter 2013 HW 2 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _____ (Last, First, write legibly, use ink) (use ink) d. Are not discussed in the text. 6. A 12 V car battery … (check all that apply): a. Can never create a current through the human body, which would be high enough to cause any damage or pain. b. Can provide very high currents, up to 300 A. c. If the skin is cut or punched, a 12- V battery is capable of sending through a human body a current that hurts a lot. 7. A pair of telephone lines at 48 V… (check all that apply): a. May carry high currents that can cause electric arc. b. If a metal tool falls on such lines, nothing happens. c. If a metal tool falls on such lines, it may vaporize splattering molten metal all around. d. In case of an arc discharge, present the danger of extreme heat and may cause eye damage due to UV radiation. e. In case of an arc discharge, only the extreme heat is dangerous. 8. Metal watch bands or rings remain cool if caught across the terminals of a 12- V car battery … a. Are safe. b. Get warm but not too hot to burn the skin. c. Can be easily melted into flesh. 9. The survivors’ tales about minor electric shocks, after which they could not let go of a hot wire… (check all that apply): a. Are nothing but exaggeration. b. Can be explained by the structure of the muscles in the human hand. c. Are true but unexplainable. d. Teach us that panic increases the chance of dying. 10. If, lacking proper equipment, how you have to touch a wire to determine whether it is hot (live,...
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