Never get charged thus are always harmless

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Unformatted text preview: dangerous. 19. The person most responsible for your own personal safety is …. a. You b. Your boss c. Your advisor d. Your Department Chair e. Your Dean. 20. The recommended safety credo is: If it cannot be done safely, …. a. Ask your boss for clarification and advice. b. Research the Internet to learn about the official rules. c. Only a brave person should dare do it. d. It need not be done. e. Call 911. Problem 2 Part 2 (20 points) Briefly explain: a) Under what conditions the 12- V car battery can be dangerous, despite its low voltage? b) Under what conditions the fact that electric resistance of the ground (soil, dirt) is not exactly zero can be of life- and- death importance? © 2013 Alexander Ganago Page 4 of 6 Last printed 2013- 01- 13 11:36 AM File: 2013 W 314 HW 2 p2.docx EECS 314 Winter 2013 HW 2 Student’s name _______________________________ Discussion section # _____ (Last, First, write legibly, use ink) (use ink) Part 3 (30 points) This sketch shows a circuit, in which the human body is inadvertently connected to an electric circuit that includes: o The voltage source VS with its internal resistance Rs and the terminals labeled HI and LO, and o The load resistor R. o The resistance of the human body gets connected in parallel to the load so that current I2 flows through the body. First, consider a digital multimeter (DMM) used to measure resistances. Assume: VS = 1.5 V and RS = 150 kΩ. When resistance R is connected to terminals Hi and LO, the voltage V = 1.485 V. Calculate the resistance R in kΩ. This is what the built- in computer of the DMM does. Your answer: R= _________________ Next, consider a student who was measuring the resistance of a 200 kΩ resistor using the same DMM, under three conditions: 1) When the student does not touch the resistor during measurement, the DMM displayed 200 kΩ, as expected. 2) When the student was deliberately holding the resistor’s connectors, the DMM displayed 180 kΩ. 3) After the student wetted his hands and touch the resistor’s connectors again, the DMM displayed 90 kΩ. Calculate the electric parameters of the student’s body: fill the table below. Experimental Electric Voltage V Current I2 Was the condit...
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