3.21W - • England has a low suicide rate as well. The...

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March 21, 2007 Durkheim disproved that suicide rates have anything to do with race He disproved that suicide is contagious. Protestant states have a suicide rate of 190, Mixed states have a rate of 135, and catholic states have a rate of 58. There is a positive correlation between suicide and religion. Compared Bolvarian provinces. The rate of suicide among the catholics was lower than among the protestants in Bolvaria. Same with Prussia. Among the catholic Prussians the rates were lower than the protestants. The provences with more of a protestant population had a higher suicide rate. This clearly showed a relationship between being a catholic or protestant and suicide. Durkheim says the catholic accepts his fate without questioning and the protestant is far more the order of his fate. The difference has to due with the spirit of free inquiry that the protestants have. If one is free, one is autonomous.
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Unformatted text preview: • England has a low suicide rate as well. The protestant clergy is organized similar to the catholic church. There is a high number of clergy. It’s because their religion has similar structural similarities to the catholic church that England has a lower suicide rate. • Durkheim looks at Catholic Italy and looks at the education rates with regards to suicide. The more educated one is the more likely one is to commit suicide. Many people in England are illiterate so that can be another reason they have a lower suicide rate. Liberal work positions have a higher sucide rate. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women. Suicide has to due with religion and education. • Religion is good, it keeps one away from suicide. • More educated, more liberal, more likely to commit suicide. Durkheim is an atheist, but he believes that religion = suicide. Religion keeps people connected to one another....
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3.21W - • England has a low suicide rate as well. The...

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