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Unformatted text preview: ed. *Cognitive Theory – attempts to explain human behavior by understanding thought processes. *Behaviorism – *All behavior acquired via stimulus and response. Operant vs classical conditioning. Cognitive Domain John Dewey *Developed Progressive Education. Still influential in today’s schools. *Students should work in cooperative groups and schools should let them develop their interests. *Experiential learning Maria Montessori *Methods often adopted for use with ages 3­6. Very tactile and sensory driven. *Emergent curriculum. W.E.B DuBois and Mary mcLeod Bethune *Early advocates for African­ Americans to have access to education. Influential Educators: Benjamin Bloom and his Taxonomy *There are other domain taxonomies developed *Jabberwocky activity based on Bloom’s taxonomy (10 min in fieldwork groups) *Create your own 6 level task design using Bloom’s taxonomy. Time for a break *Each person identify an area of concern that they would like to discuss with the larger group. *Problem to solve or issue that has surfaced! *We will then discuss as a class. *Fieldwork Discussions...
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