4.18W - April 18, 2007 Weber thinks there is a correlation...

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Weber thinks there is a correlation or connection between capitalism and the protestant religion. Weber developed the spirit of capitalism : has to do with avoidance of pleasure Benjamin Franklin wrote in his autobiography, said remember time is money, credit is money, he talks about the importance of money and how personal life is less important than money. There is no personal happiness, it is all about how to be a proper person. There is an irrationality towards money. For a person coming from medieval Europe this focus on money would seem very strange because they are used to taking pleasure in the simple things. Weber thinks the driving interest in capitalism is not a belief in money but an irrational belief in self profit There was no “calling” in the bible. With Martin Luther he introduced the idea of a “calling.” “Calling” emerged at the end of the medieval period. Calling means that everyone has a duty or an obligation to fulfill in this world. It created a moral justification of worldly activity. In the pre reformation era, people served God with a monastic principle, which meant that if you had to be in the service of god one had to renounce the world and had to deny everything and go to another world to be a priest or a nun. With the calling principle one could be in this world, marry, procreate, and still
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4.18W - April 18, 2007 Weber thinks there is a correlation...

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