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Weber says there are 3 kinds of legitimate authority 1) Legal rational authority: authority resting on the belief of the legality of enacted rules. 1 st characteristic : Established by agreement (eg electoral agreement), or it could be through imposition (eg dictator). Can also be established by value rationality 2 nd characteristic : 2) Traditional authority: authority based on sanctity of tradition. (Eg monarchy), authority of men in the household. 3) Charismatic authority: based on charisma of a person. (Oprah, Mother Teresa,
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Unformatted text preview: Nelson Mandela, Osama Bin Laden) A certain quality of an individual personality. Individual who has charisma has some qualities that makes him extraordinary. • Weber’s methodology • Common features of Ideal Type Social Movements (Green Peace, Russian revolution, gay &lesbian movement, etc) are - Group of people- Common Goal- Want change/ not satisfied with the present- protest against another dominant group- Social goals- hierarchy with a leader- Identity Ideal Type:...
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