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Weber says there are 3 kinds of legitimate authority 1) Legal rational authority: authority resting on the belief of the legality of enacted rules. 1 st characteristic : Established by agreement (eg electoral agreement), or it could be through imposition (eg dictator). Can also be established by value rationality 2 nd characteristic : 2) Traditional authority: authority based on sanctity of tradition. (Eg monarchy), authority of men in the household. 3) Charismatic authority: based on charisma of a person. (Oprah, Mother Teresa,
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Unformatted text preview: Nelson Mandela, Osama Bin Laden) A certain quality of an individual personality. Individual who has charisma has some qualities that makes him extraordinary. Webers methodology Common features of Ideal Type Social Movements (Green Peace, Russian revolution, gay &lesbian movement, etc) are - Group of people- Common Goal- Want change/ not satisfied with the present- protest against another dominant group- Social goals- hierarchy with a leader- Identity Ideal Type:...
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