4.30M review - It’s a historical question The answer is...

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Durkheim and weber but we also have to compare them with marx. Weber what is a social fact, definition of social fact. How a social fact is different from a non social fact. Durkheim suicide as a social fact, how suicide is a social fact. He looked at statistics to show that suicide levels are static, that’s how he shows that it has to be social fact. Egoism not integrated Division of labor in society. Mechanical: simple, stratified, laws are punitive, there is no concept of individual. Organic: complex, more integrated, penal laws aim at reforming individual and are restitutive, organic solidarity functions like organic animal. Durkheim thinks Collective conscience is stron in mechanical solidarity b/c people think in the same direction, theres no individuality. Religion according to Durkheim is a defined system of beliefs and practices. The function of religion is Weber addressed the question of why did capitalism evolve or emerge in the West.
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Unformatted text preview: It’s a historical question. The answer is that capitalism had to do with the protestant work ethic. He looked at reformation and the religious ideas that happened after the reformation. The calling happened after reformation. Increase in wealth led to secularization, then it just became capitalism. The west is characterized by rationalization, systematic, calculated, activity Eg bookmaking, accounting). Instrumental, rational, traditional action, affectual action, Iron cage, can’t escape burocracy. Treats u as a number and not as a person. Legal rational authority, needs to be somekind of legitimacy to authority. Charismatic authority. Methodology is comparing real type with ideal type and looking for similarities and differences. Task of sociologist is to discuss the differences. :...
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4.30M review - It’s a historical question The answer is...

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