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Unformatted text preview: t. He golfed well again, as in the tournament last year. He served as Captain in the navy. Less than/under – Less than is the correct expression when making a comparison of number or amount. Under is limited to describing spatial relationships. I will host the party if the guest list is less than fifty people. More than/over – More than is the correct expression when making a comparison of number or amount. Over is limited to describing spatial relationships. c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Sentence Correction 48 We processed more than 1,000 applications in one hour. Student Notes: 2.4 What to Do If You Are Completely Stumped Sometimes you may find yourself with one or more answer choices which seem to be correct. If you have followed Manhattan Review’s six-step process for Sentence Correction and still find yourself to be lost, take a step back and think about the answer choices. Read the answers back into the sentence, again • You should have already done this, but if you are still stumped, do it again. Remember that a correct answer retains the meaning of the original sentence. You may be analyzing an answer choice which changes the idea which the author wished to convey. Make sure that word order has not been switched in the answer to suggest a different meaning. Shorter is better • Wordy or long-winded ways of expressing thoughts are often not the best means of expression. Sometimes the best answer is the one with the fewest words. Eliminate answers with passive voice • You will seldom encounter a correct answer that employs the use of the passive voice. While use of the passive voice is not in and of itself grammatically incorrect, expressing an idea actively is preferable. Given the choice between The ball was hit by me and I hit the ball, the latter is the better choice. Avoid redundancy • The best answer should be clear and concise. An answer which repeats elements of the sentence unnecessarily is incorrect. Don’t choose the answer with being • Don’t choose such answer if there are options which don’t include the word being. Unless you are positive that being is a necessary and useful part of the sentence, it is probably just confusing the issue and is better left out. If you review the rules discussed in the Grammar Review section and follow the six-steps for Sentence Correction questions, you should have little trouble identifying the best answer among your choices. c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Sentence Correction 2.5 49 Detailed List of Typical Errors Based on our close examination of all the Sentence Correction problems in the Official Guides and released old exams, we compiled the following list for your easy reference. TIP: PLEASE FOCUS YOUR INITIAL ATTENTION ON BASIC GRAMMAR ELEMENTS ONLY - SUBJECT, VERB AND OBJECT. Then examine the sentence in detail. That way you will not get bogged down by verbia...
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