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Unformatted text preview: dent Notes: c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Grammar Review 33 c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Grammar Review 34 Student Notes: c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Chapter 2 Sentence Correction The Grammar Review in the previous section touches on nearly all of the flaws you are likely to encounter in Sentence Correction questions on the GMAT. The Sentence Correction section tests your knowledge of written English grammar by asking you which of the five choices best expresses an idea or relationship. This section gives you a sentence that may or may not contain errors of grammar or usage. You must select either the answer that best corrects the sentence or the answer stating that the sentence is correct as is. The questions will require you to be familiar with the stylistic conventions and grammatical rules of standard written English and to demonstrate your ability to improve incorrect or ineffective expressions. This section tests two broad aspects of language proficiency: • Correct expression • Effective expression • Proper Diction A correct sentence is grammatically correct and structurally soun It conforms to all the rules of standard written English such as subject-verb agreement, verb tense consistency, modifier reference and position, idiomatic expressions and parallel construction. In addition to being correct, a sentence needs to be effective. It should express an idea or relationship clearly and concisely, as well as grammatically. A best choice should have no superfluous words or unnecessarily complicated expressions. This does not mean that the shortest choice is always the best answer. Proper diction is another important part of effectiveness. It refers to the standard dictionary meanings of words and the appropriateness of words in context. In evaluating the diction of a sentence, you must be able to recognize whether the words are well-selected, correctly presented, and suitable for the context. One common error that test takers often make in the Sentence Correction section is choosing an answer that sounds good. Do not go on with your gut feeling in this section. Remember your grammar and look for errors in construction (e.g., noun-verb agreement) and eliminate answers that you are sure are incorrect. c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Sentence Correction 2.1 36 How to Tackle The following is a step by step process that you should follow to tackle Sentence Correction questions: (1) Read the whole sentence for structure and content. You have to understand the entire sentence to be able to pick the best choice later. You should read the sentence for meaning as well as structure. Two questions you should ask yourself are: • What is the author trying to say? Some answers to GMAT questions are grammatically correct but change the meaning of the sentence. Such answers ar...
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