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Of analogy with analogous to be attended by not with

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Unformatted text preview: an Review Sentence Correction Guide – Grammar Review 13 be based on have belief in be capable of be careful of C be capable of care about – be considerate of; to think about care for - like center on, center upon (not round) collide with (not against) comment on compare with, in comparison with (used when emphasizing differences) compare to (used when emphasizing similarities) comply with be composed by – be created by be composed of – to be made up of comprise of be concerned with concur in (an opinion) concur with (a person) conducive to conform to in conformity with consist of in contrast to contrast A with B credit with (not to) give someone credit for (something or doing something) D in danger of debate on, debate over decide on depend on (whether. . . , not if. . . ), be dependent on, be independent from determine by differ from - to be unlike something; to be different from differ with - to disagree with someone discourage from feel disgusted with (not at) at one’s disposal www.manhattanreview.com c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Grammar Review 14 distinguish from be drawn to E be embarrassed by (not at) end with, end in (not by) be envious of, jealous of be equal to (not as) be essential to except for, except that. . . F be familiar with be fascinated by H be hindered by I be identical with, be identical to be independent from be indifferent towards inherit from instill something in someone (not instill someone with) invest in involve in (not by) insist on, insist that someone do something be isolated from J judge by (not on) M mistake for N native to a native of necessity of, necessity for a need for O be oblivious of, oblivious to P participate in preferable to prevent from www.manhattanreview.com c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Grammar Review 15 profit by (not from) prohibit from protest against (not at) R receptive of, receptive to be related to relations with (not towards) repent of in response to result from result in S be in search of (not for) be sensible of be sensitive to separate from (not away from or out) similar to be sparing of (not with) be solicitous of (not to) suffer from (not with) be superior to subscribe to sacrifice for T tendency to (not for) tinker with (not at, although this is British English usage) be tolerant of (not to) W wait for - to spend time in waiting for someone or something wait on – to serve someone, typically used in a restaurant setting www.manhattanreview.com c 1999 - 2008 Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide – Grammar Review 1.7 16 Verb A class of words that serve to indicate the occurrence or performance of an action, or the existence of a state or condition. English verbs are normally expressed in the infinitive form, together with “to”. For example, to run, to walk, to work, etc. 1.7.1 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs A verb is said to be transitive if it needs an object to complete the meaning: Joern kicked his bro...
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