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Unformatted text preview: aJons A person commits the crime of endagering the welfare of a child if he ... knowingly encourages, aids or causes a child less than seventeen years old to engage in any conduct which causes or tends to cause the child to come within [certain child welfare provisions].” MPC Sec. 2.02(7) Requirement of Knowledge Sa7sfied by Knowledge of High Probability. When knowledge of the existence of a parJcular fact is an element of an offense, such knowledge is established if a person is aware of a high probability of its existence, unless he actually believes that it does not exist. MPC Sec. 2.05(2) (a) When “absolutely liability” is imposed and the convicJon is based on such liability, the offense consJtutes a violaJon (i.e., only a fine; no prison sentence) [(b) can seek heavier penalJes if absolute liability is imposed by law but culpable commission of the offense is charged and proved]...
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